How to Undo the Damage Done by a Narcissist Parent


A narcissistic parent will pressure their child to serve their own needs rather than the needs of their child. They can manipulate their child by gaslighting them, lying to them, isolating them, and using the child as a bargaining chip to get what they want from others.

Adult children with abusive parents can regain their lives by accepting that their parents are flawed, taking responsibility for their own lives, pursuing stable relationships, and understanding that they are not liable for the actions of anyone.

Without limits, a narcissistic child accepts that their purpose in life is to fulfill the interests of their narcissistic parent.

In the early days of parenthood, any parent has the tendency to believe that their infant is the highest, brightest, and most ideal specimen of humanity. To handle the 24-hour-a-day treatment that infants and children need from the start, we need to believe that our children are unique and important to the world. It is difficult work, and we must trust that our efforts are worthwhile.

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