How to Make a Narcissist Miserable?


Have you ever watched a narcissist speak? Their language is overflowing with big sentences and filled with emotion. Their truth is always what they believe, so they twist reality to fit their worldview.

Their entire lives have been spent watching other people’s emotions and using them to their benefit. They intuitively understand that they’re less powerful when you speak in fact instead of emotion.

Since facts aren’t as appealing to them as emotions, they hate it when someone questions them. Then they’ll become hysterical or yell at you. This reaction shows how out of control they feel. Throwing an emotional temper tantrum tries to make the conversation more intense.

The narcissist’s immaturity is all that is emphasized in this dynamic. It shows they can’t handle adult interactions because they can’t absorb facts. They don’t know how to deal with facts. It shows they can’t handle adult interactions because they lie and hide things. Being truthful throws them off. 

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