How to Make a Narcissist Miserable?


When you’re with a narcissistic partner, when you’re with them, there are ways to deal with them. It can be hard to cope with relationship problems without help from a therapist. You might be able to grow in therapy if you’re having relationship problems in addition to identifying stressors, putting your own needs first, and improving sleeping.

  1. Lack Of Acknowledgment

Unless they’re ‘closet narcissists,’ you know most narcissistic people like validation and being admired. Their sense of worth is based on constant approval. They take or steal energy from other people to feel good about themselves.

Why don’t narcissists seem to care about the negative attention they get? Their narcissistic flame is also fueled by negative attention. They just want attention, and whatever kind of attention they get keeps them motivated. That’s what motivates them to keep doing what they’re doing.

Negative attention is often more appealing to them. They can exploit it, so you stay hooked and entangled if you’re still bothered by their relationship crimes!

Therefore, it’s a real treat when you don’t acknowledge it. Narcissists are more sensitive to indifference than hatred. You’re more likely to get a negative response than not.

It’s hard for narcissists to be ignored. If they aren’t the center of the universe or the subject of everyone’s attention, they don’t know how to feel significant or special. You’re better off staying away from them completely or only maintaining minimal contact if you have kids together, as the Grey Rock method is often pointless.

  • When People Talk Factually

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