How Narcissists Tell on Themselves


The truth of the matter is that narcissists eventually treat everyone the same. That is why it is critical to observe not only how someone treats you, but also how they treat others. Because chances are, it will be your turn next.

You will almost certainly be the brunt of their jokes or unfair criticism before long. Chances are, you’ll be the one they’re slandering behind your back while gathering flying monkeys to do to you the same things they’ve done to others. It is also very common to find that the narcissist is held in high esteem by many people, but a lot of those same people the narcissist looks down on or makes fun of behind their back.

This is a common occurrence, especially with the Covert Narcissist. And understanding and accepting that a narcissist is loyal to no one will make it clear that you will not be spared from any future attacks. Because once a narcissist has you where they want you, the devaluation will begin. So, as hard as it is to believe that someone who pretends to give up the world for you today can turn their back on you tomorrow, it is actually what narcissists are known for. They will be the ones to place you on a pedestal and they will be the ones to pull you off of it. Because it is certain that all those negative emotions that you thought were reserved for others will be targeted at you someday.


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