8 Demonic Spirits Behind Narcissism – Why Narcissists Can Become So Evil?

4. Demonic Spirits Behind Narcissism: Spirit of deception.

If you ever felt like the words coming out of someone’s mouth didn’t match their actions, this is the work of the spirit of deception, also known as a lying spirit. Narcissists are masters at using language to manipulate and confuse those around them, changing the meaning of words, and concealing the truth. Their ultimate goal is to boost their own ego at your expense, leaving you feeling lost and unsure of what’s real. These evil spirits also lead to religious bondages, superstitions, false prophecies, accusations, gossip, slander, and false teachings that can leave us feeling trapped and hopeless.

Narcissists are Satan’s mouthpiece on Earth, spreading deceit and confusion wherever they go. However, as faithful believers, we must cling to the truth found in God’s Word and stand firm against these deceivers. Remember, those who act faithfully and speak the truth will earn the praise of the Lord. Don’t let the spirit of deception take hold in your life. Rely on God to guide you through the confusion and reveal the truth in all situations. You are worthy of honesty and transparency, and with God by your side, you can break free from the narcissist’s web of lies and confusion.

5. The spirit of confusion.

Confusion is a sneaky and dangerous tool that the adversary uses to sow seeds of doubt and confusion in our minds, leaving us vulnerable to his attacks. It’s like a smoke screen that clouds our thoughts and distracts us from God’s message, often making us question our own sanity. Narcissists thrive in this environment, as confusion shifts the focus away from their wrongdoing and towards our disorientation. This spirit is insidious and can make us feel overwhelmed and helpless, doubting our faith and our ability to discern right from wrong.

6. The spirit of condemnation.

This spirit plays right into a narcissist’s playbook as it promotes vicious accusations aimed at finding fault in their victims. The narcissist’s strategy is all about deflection, and this spirit serves as a tool to shift the blame and make their victims feel helpless. The spirit of condemnation is pervasive, and the narcissist will often nitpick and criticize every action, making it seem as if their victim can do nothing right. This constant barrage of negativity can crush our self-esteem, leaving us feeling ashamed and worthless. It’s essential to recognize this spirit in our lives and understand that we don’t have to live under its influence. Remember, you are valuable and loved in the eyes of God, and nothing the spirit of condemnation says can change that.

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