7 Types of Fatigue which lead to Chronic Fatigue


Waking up tired and lazy is a sign that we haven’t rested well overnight, and there are usually many reasons for this, which is not the scope or topic of this article. The main point here is to emphasize that this fatigue is healthy and normal, and that chronic fatigue has nothing to do with normal healthy fatigue, as you will soon see.

Now let’s look at the different types of fatigue that can and will eventually lead to chronic exhaustion. You will notice below how the different types of fatigue will be referred to as the “end result”. This is because we live in a world of “cause and effect” where actions have consequences. And many people don’t know the difference! Just as if we break the laws of society, there will be consequences, so it will be in the land of health. If we break the laws of health, we will know the disease. It’s just a natural way of telling us that we’ve gone off the rails and that we need to get back on track. So let’s get right to it – the 7 types of fatigue that may or may not lead to debilitating fatigue conditions

  1. Excessive fatigue

Excessive fatigue comes from being overexcited. In Chinese medicine, overexcitement is classified as a negative and damaging emotion along with fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, and other harmful emotions (harmful in the sense that they exhaust or disrupt our energy flow).

When we are overexcited, it affects the energy (or Qi) in our hearts. Therefore, Qigong masters will teach that it is healthier not to be overexcited. This doesn’t mean that we don’t feel joy, it just means that we recognize that we are “overexcited” and that we are in control of this tendency.

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