7 Things You Should Never Do in the Morning

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You stop your alarm, hit the snooze, and drag yourself from bed zombie-eyed. As the clock ticks, you realize you are running late.

You rush to complete your morning chores. You pack your bag while stuffing toast down your throat and making a phone call. You drive in a hurry and reach work just on time.

Some people have a hurried morning routine while some others approach their morning with a lot more grace.

Have you realized when your morning starts in a hurry, the rest of your day follows similar chaos? If you start your morning well, the rest of the day follows suit.

In short, your morning usually sets the tone for your day. Doing the right things in the morning and avoiding the bad habits will make the rest of your day pumped, peaceful and productive.

Here are some of the morning routines or things to avoid in the morning for a better and fresh start. 

1. Don’t Go Straight to Work!

The morning is a vital segment of your whole day, and the person is more productive at this time. In the morning routine, you should add some physical activity like exercise or walk and take a healthy breakfast. Try to engage yourself in some inspiring content either in the form of a newspaper or any book to motivate yourself. These are all the activities to do in the morning, so you’ll feel great energy to kick off your day with full discipline and self-esteem.

However, most people ignore this balanced morning routine, and all they can do is to end up being lazy and dull in the morning. People don’t even realize the worth of their morning, that it is the most important part of the day if spend in a great manner. While most people just skip all the things and wake up, get ready, and go straight for the work.

This is not the first thing morning expects from us. By following this unhealthy routine, a person might not be fully conscious and unable to pay attention to their work. If you go directly to your work in the morning without engaging yourself in some good morning routine, you‘ll end up being disorganized, slow, and inefficient.

Eventually, your productivity suffers, and your progress is not up to the mark. This is not the only thing a person can destroy, but your mental health and sleep schedule is even more compromised and lead to serious health consequences.

Some people always want to sleep more from their scheduled time, so sleeping into the last seconds doesn’t give you any benefit, but it’ will disturb your whole morning routine. People feel lethargic all day, and that feeling of being unproductive at your workplace disturbs you mentally and physically.

2. Don’t Take Hot Showers!

Everyone loves to take long hot showers, as standing under the warm water gives you the feeling of calm, and people feel their worries are washing away. While after taking a shower, a person feels more enthusiastic, refreshed, and cozy. However, taking a hot shower before going to bed is a good habit and helps you sleep peacefully.

While in the morning, if you take a hot shower, you can get a feeling of relaxation, and a person might want to go back to bed. Such thoughts in the morning disturb your whole day, and you end up being lazy. Eventually, your productivity has to suffer all day. Furthermore, if you want to pass all your day with full enthusiasm and motivation, the above-described points are avoided in the morning.

3. Improvise the Routine!

 Once a morning routine is set up with planning, the brain can start following it without any hassle, and you can get the rewards of a good morning schedule. However, if you directly improvise the morning routine without planning, you end up being unfair with yourself as you are not doing what is beneficial for you.

Many people are bad at decision-making in the morning time, so if a person tries to act naturally and decide to stay in bed a few more times and watch Television. This will not be okay because these are not the activities to do in the morning for a productive day. In this way, a person can get lazy, but if you plan your entire morning before, so you don’t need to improvise at the last moment and get paid for being lazy and lethargic all day.

4. Don’t Whine About Your Work!

The next thing about what not to do in the morning is to complain about your work or job because it is the worst time to whine. Eventually, by criticizing your work, you demotivated yourself, and this is the most draining thought that sticks around you for hours afterward. Despite the energy you feel at the start of your day by grumbling about your work in the morning, you take two steps back. Meanwhile, you are turning over yourself into a depression.

Furthermore, this habit of grumbling about your job in the morning decreases your productivity and has a bad impact on your performance. Every time you whine, you find other ways to switch off your work and don’t try to find solutions to problems; you forget to look at the opportunities that come along way after hardships. The only thing that matters to you is to find an escape from that job or work, and by doing so, you end up with a big loss. No matter what you feel, don’t whine about your job or work in the morning.

5. Don’t Make Unimportant Decisions!

Most people start their mornings, making pointless decisions about your dressing, what type of workout you have to do, and what sort of music you want to listen to while driving, etc. Eventually, they overburdened themselves with such silly decisions that are not important or profitable for them. However, to be productive, you need to cut these pointless decisions in the morning.

However, most successful people don’t waste their time on these fruitless decisions; they try to wear the same dress, listen to the same music, and not change their work out every day to save their precious time. In this way, they can spend their morning on making worthy decisions that give them more benefits.

Moreover, this is not the only reason to avoid mental cluttering; the actual reason is your brain needs to warm up every morning, and if you start the day with mental clutter, your work might be suffering. While you do some healthy brain activity in the morning, your brain gets the space to breathe in and will give you amazing effects. By following this morning routine, you can work more creatively and efficiently.

6. Don’t Stay in The Dark!

Our Circadian rhythm, or in other words, says the body’s clock is stimulated with light exposure. The release of melatonin hormone (tells your body about sleep time) suppresses when there is light present outside. According to research, people find it easier in summer to wake up. If you need to boost yourself, you should avoid staying in the dark for a longer period after waking up.

7. Don’t Check Social Media First!

Several people start scrolling social media apps right after getting up from sleep. While paying attention to the latest news, family and friends’ happenings, and so on, will leave you feeling stressed. So, if you are waking up from a relaxing sleep, such depressive news can put too much stimulus on your brain, and you end up being stressed.

Final words!

The above mention morning routine can help you be fit, productive, and energetic the whole day. So, stop doing things that harm your body and eventually disturb your peace of mind, health, and mood. To be productive and efficient, you must pay attention to your body’s needs, especially in the morning, because this is an incredibly important part of your day.

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