5 Ways You Are Being Manipulative


 And all of this unhealthy and indirect communication, Leaves us not knowing how to do it in our own life. Do you know what I mean? Like we never saw healthy communication, so we never learned how to do it ourselves. And tend to, unless we work on it, fall into those same patterns that our family had. Like we continue to stuff it down, or we decide that we are going to yell about everything.

 When we don’t know how to communicate our needs or wants, we can get very clever at getting them met in other ways. For example, let’s say I really don’t want to go with Sean to that work event because I’m too tired, and frankly, I’m not into it.

 Well, if I don’t know how to communicate that to him directly, I could drag my feet, make us super late, or forget to pick up the dry cleaning like I said I would. Or really any other indirect way of making the work event not happen. Or at least make him miserable for making me go.

 Now passive aggression never leads us anywhere we want to go. If you are sitting there thinking that by doing that, you’re actually getting what you want, and totally winning, or whatever, you are so wrong.

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