5 Signs You Grew up Being Gaslighted


There’s a lot of information about narcissistic bullying and gaslighting going about the internet. Workplace narcissists and narcissists married to narcissists Gaslighting in politics and the workplace is toxic.

I looked around for narcissistic parents. I spoke about narcissism and mental immaturity. They coexist and intersect in different ways. That is still my opinion. Narcissism is an intense type of mental immaturity that occurs on a continuum. It can be difficult to distinguish between the two at times.

When you’ve been used to gaslighting your whole life, the solutions aren’t easy to come by. Humans are hard-wired to accept their parents’ permission. Humans are pre-programmed to defend their ancestors.

No one wishes to think or be labeled as a narcissist by their parent. You can’t erase all of that with books or extensive treatment. It will take some time.

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