4 Things That Hurt a Narcissist More Than Indifference

Are you dealing with a narcissist, and you want to know what will actually hurt that narcissist? I know you think a narcissist is hurt by indifference. I’ve got something that’s going to hurt them even more.

There are four things that will hurt a narcissist more than indifference: I know you’ve probably heard that indifference hurts the narcissist the most, right? So, let’s go back to what really makes a narcissist tick. Because in order to understand what hurts a narcissist, You have to understand what makes a narcissist tick.

What is a narcissist to begin with?

A narcissist is a person who feels like they have to get all of their sense of value from external sources because they don’t have any inherent sense of value. So they feel completely empty inside, as if there is a black hole inside of them.So they feel like they’re starving; they can’t get air; they feel like they can’t get oxygen; so they feel like they’re in survival mode all the time.

So in order to survive, they have to get their sources of air or oxygen from people, either from you or from outside the world. but unfortunately there’s nothing inside that can hold that basket. like there’s nothing there; it’s just like this emptiness. It just kind of goes right through them, so you might want to fill this black hole, and they want you to feel it too, but then you’re left totally and completely depleted, and they’re still starving or gasping for breath, and this horrible cycle keeps going on forever! As a result, you’re completely exhausted and feel as if your soul has been sucked from you.and yet they’re still starving, and that’s what keeps going on. So indifference is actually the thing that hurts them, but what happens is they just go on to find a different source of supply. I’m going to go over four points.What hurts them The worst is what I’m going to go through last.

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