3 Reasons Why You Should Never Block A Narcissist


2 they may get very angry

When you block the narcissist, it’s likely to cause a narcissistic injury which will be followed by narcissistic rage, and when that happens, they can become very unpredictable. They can do things that you haven’t seen before, they will make threats against you, they will smear your name, they will say horrible things about you to other people, they will try to sabotage your freedom and independence, they will do whatever it takes to make your life hell. because when you block them, it bruises their ego; it injures their pride; it makes them feel small.

A very wonderful book:

So now, they have to bring you down. They can feel better about themselves. They may even stalk and harass you. They may show up at your work. When you were with them, it may have seemed like they wanted nothing to do with you, but when you block them, that’s when you will see just how crazy and obsessive they really are.

3 they may find someone else

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