3 Reasons Why You Should Never Block A Narcissist


Three reasons why you should never block a narcissist, three reasons why you should never block the narcissist on social media. In many of my articles. I do recommend blocking the narcissist; I recommend going no contact as that’s the only way that you can deal with them, but I think it’s also interesting to look at the other side of the coin, to look at the reasons why you shouldn’t block them.

Because when you block the narcissist, there are certain things that may happen as a result of this action, there are certain things that they might do.

So, this article is designed to make you aware of the dangers of blocking a narcissist on social media.

1 narcissistic supply

When you block the narcissist, you may think that it’s going to hurt them, you may think that it’s going to get under their skin and in some situations, you may be right but in other situations, it may give them a narcissistic supply, It may tell them that they have got to you. The narcissist will read your reactions to their behavior to determine how you are feeling. So, if you block them, they may know why you’re doing that, they may know that it’s because you’re hurt and it will give them supply, it will make them feel powerful and important as though there’s something significant to you because if you weren’t affected by them, you wouldn’t have blocked them. So, this could be a reason why you should never block a narcissist, because it may just feed their ego.

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