13 Ways to Manage Borderline Rage in a Healthier Way


You’ve already experienced this one before, but it’s worth remembering because it works. You are more likely to make better, more positive decisions about your actions if you can hesitate before listening to what makes you upset.

When something or anything irritates you, count to ten in your mind before responding.

It’s possible that you won’t even realize you’re getting upset until you’re angered. However, you should teach yourself to be more mindful of your emotions so that you recognize your frustration early in the loop. Try to notice the first signs of a fury on the verge of erupting.

What does the first twinge of rage feel like, for example? What is your body’s reaction? You can interfere sooner if you can detect these cues when you are mildly irritated rather than completely angered.

Pause for a moment.

When you become aware that you are being enraged, it is prudent to take a break to whatever is causing you to become enraged. This one is particularly useful if you’re feeling irritated during a discussion with others. When you get enraged, the other individual is likely to become enraged as well, eventually exacerbating the situation.


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