10 Signs To Recognize True Love

Is this your true love? 10 signs that will make you think it’s the love of your life!

Find out if he/she is the love of your life through different keys. Does your partner keep track of all the points? And…., do you fill them in as well?

We all have some idea of what true love is: the love of a lifetime or the one that will make you vibrate for a while? No matter how you define it, if you don’t find these 10 points in the person with whom you share your life, love is not genuine. Sometimes it’s about you, and sometimes it’s about the other person. As you go through all these points, think about what you give/offer to the other person in return and your points to work on.

Authentic and true love is not a sign of emotional dependence, it is on the contrary, real freedom to confide, to really be who you are, and to accept the other person with his or her qualities and faults. Unhealthy jealousy has no place in true love. Of course, everyone has their own definition of the perfect relationship, and that definition is up to you and your own interpretation of your relationship.

So what is true love?

  1. He/she makes you feel good

Even on difficult days, with just one conversation with him/her, problems are seen in a different light. He/she always knows how to make you feel better when you are sad.

  1. You can be yourself

He has seen you at your best and worst times and has not changed his opinion of you. You are not afraid that he/she will see you in evil or hear you snoring.

  1. There is no jealousy in your relationship.

There is no jealousy. You trust each other. He/she doesn’t get angry when someone looks at you or tries to get your attention. He/she is calm because he/she knows that you only love him/her.

  1. You do not enter its intimacy

The confidence placed in him/her does not make him/her want to rummage through his/her wallet or mail when he/she looks away. And look at his/her Facebook account? It hasn’t even crossed your mind.

  1. You are his/her priority

He/she does things for you that he/she wouldn’t do for anyone else. He/she accompanies you wherever you need him/her, just as you do the same for him/her. He/she agrees to watch movies you like and always does so with the total predisposition.

  1. He/she is there when you need him/her.

Your partner is always with you when you need him/her most, without having to ask. And you particularly appreciate this!

  1. He/she values what is important to you.

The things you think you should discuss in a serious relationship are things that happened naturally with him/her. When you tell him/her you are going to run a marathon in another city, he/she doesn’t ask you if he/she should go with you, he/she tells you he/she will wait for you at the finish line.

  1. He/she is proud of you

He/she often makes you feel how much you are worth and always encourage you when you need a helping hand.

  1. There are not enough words…

You literally cannot say “I love you” more times than you do or express it. And no matter how many times you say it, it’s never enough because you love him so much that you feel like your heart is going to explode. And he/she tries to make you fall in love with him/her differently every time …

  1. He/she knows how to calm down in certain situations

When things go wrong, he/she tries to feel good by focusing on the solution rather than the problem. So, if you disagree about something, he or she cares more about ending the discussion than being right. With this one sign, don’t doubt that you have found your ideal partner.

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