10 Mistakes to Avoid for a Happy Morning

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What to do in the morning when you wake up: 10 Mistakes to Avoid for a Happy Morning

What to do in the morning when you wake up? How to start the day on the right foot? Because stress is at the tip of your nose in the morning. That’s why I share with you, in this article, the 10 mistakes to avoid for a happy morning.

Hello, dear reader. It’s Tiffany. I’m happy to see you in this new article.

Today, I’m going to answer the question: “What to do in the morning when you wake up? »

Many of us make mistakes that prevent us from being happy, and this in the morning!

Yes, because our happiness depends a lot on the gestures, we make every day. And unfortunately, we are not always aware of the bad habits that populate our days, especially our mornings, and that spoil our lives.

So I am writing this article because the goal of the morning is to slam the door to start our day in the best way, and for that, I invite you to avoid making these 10 mistakes.

What to do in the morning when you wake up: 10 mistakes to avoid for a happy morning

1- What to do in the morning? Don’t go on social networks!

Many of us, barely awake, turn on our phones to check for new posts from all possible social networks.

Thus, even when we don’t get out of bed, we concentrate on what’s going on in others, we stir up our need to possess and sometimes even our feeling of jealousy.

What to do in the morning when you wake up? Leave the phone on the bedside table and do not touch it.

Why not? To refocus on oneself, one’s life, one’s home, one’s body, one’s mind, and one’s heart. Yes, all that.

In fact, we don’t always realize it, but we are so focused on what’s going on in others we forget to see what’s going on at home and in us.

So in the morning when you wake up, take the time to wake up, stretch to feel your body, the time to walk around your house, in fact, take the time to fully embody yourself in your own life!

When you wake up in the morning, smile, and see how lucky you already are. Rather than focusing on everything you don’t have yet.

2 – Watching the news on TV is a mistake to avoid for a happy morning

We are not used to silencing our lives are noisy, full of street noises and discussions of all kinds. So in the morning, when we wake up, silence scares many of us.

That is why, mechanically, we turn on the television and our ears, mind, and heart are assailed by heaps and heaps of bad news.

What to do in the morning when we wake up? What if instead of spoiling your day with bad news, you replaced that noise with music that you like and that relaxes you?

To be happy, it’s important to replace our bad habits with better ones.

You don’t like silence? It’s ok. But, in those cases, find music or a show that invites you to smile and see the good things in life.

3 – Review for the 10th time the planning of the day

Are you one of those many people who, as soon as they wake up, think about all the things to do during this day that haven’t even started yet? I recognize myself in that (laughs).

We think about solutions to go faster and save time.

Unfortunately, thinking about the day’s schedule opens the door to stress.

What to do in the morning when you wake up? Seizing the moment is a good idea!

But how do you do it? When you wake up in the morning, replace your schedule with the incredible realization that you’ve just received a new day as a gift.

To remember it, write it down on a post-it note and put it on your bedside table.

You’re alive and it’s wonderful! Your day will start soon enough, so take a few moments to just live at the moment. Breathe, stretch, smile, take the time to enjoy your hot drink, listen to music you love… The possibilities are endless!

Give yourself a few minutes for a happy morning!

4 – Not taking care of our body

Our body is an incredible machine. In fact, while we sleep for several hours during the night, it continues to function: it breathes, digests, regenerates itself, and that required fuel.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to completely forget to give our body fuel in the morning.

What to do in the morning when you wake up for a happy morning? Give our body what it needs: namely, at least a glass of water.

During the night, we become dehydrated. Then, a glass of water, and it goes back.

To be happy, it is essential to review the way we take care of our bodies. It has always been our best partner. Without him, we wouldn’t be here.

Also, we don’t know how our day is going to go, so the morning is the perfect time to take a moment and indulge ourselves. That’s why has breakfast that makes you want to.

5 – Slumping on the couch is a mistake to avoid for a happy morning.

When we wake up in the morning, we sometimes lack energy, which is why our couch seems tempting. However, we realize that once on our sofa we feel more and more tired.

What to do in the morning when you wake up? And if we moved a little?

A few stretches, a few dance steps, a little walk will do the trick.

Our body needs to move to wake up well.

6 – Thinking about yesterday’s mistakes

Our eyes barely open and we think about what happened the day before. We torture ourselves with “Why did I say that?” “Why didn’t I do that? ».

And that’s how stress comes in!

What to do in the morning when we wake up to be happy? It is essential to take a moment to forgive ourselves for yesterday. We did our best, no more, and no less.

We have to stop wanting to be perfect and waking up in the morning blaming ourselves because we made mistakes.

Today is a new day!

7 – What to do in the morning when you wake up? Don’t imagine the problems of today and tomorrow!

Maybe you too know those famous “What if? ».

What if it doesn’t go well?

What if I don’t make it?

Or again: what if I’m late?

What to do in the morning to be happy? It is urgent to let go! Let go of everything that could happen and just focus on what’s happening right now.

And what’s going on? You’re barely awake, maybe even still in bed, and already you’re imagining a bunch of problems? No, no!

Take a few moments to breathe and refocus. It’s morning and it’s a time to prepare yourself serenely and joyfully for the day ahead.

That’s why take advantage of this moment to recharge your batteries with pleasant and positive things so you have a maximum of beautiful energy to face the day ahead.

8 – Making remarks to people around us

In the morning, we are sometimes already so on edge we throw remarks to the surrounding people.

What to do in the morning when we wake up to be happy? How about sending good vibes and love to the surrounding people?

How about replacing “hurry” with “I love you”?

I heartily invite you to make a promise: always say at least one kind word to those around you before you leave home in the morning.

It is good to remember that the surrounding people are not eternal and neither are we, so it is essential to think about expressing our love every day.

9 – Thinking of others without thinking of oneself

It’s not uncommon for us to be of service to others, starting in the morning. We think of the duties of one, the breakfast of the other, and we in all this?

What to do in the morning when we wake up? Just take a few minutes to think about ourselves.

If we are so stressed and tired, it’s because we rarely take time for ourselves to breathe.

Unfortunately, we need it terribly and so do others. There is nothing more difficult than living next to someone who is under constant pressure.

So, for you and for the surrounding people, take a few minutes in the morning to ask yourself a question: what do I need this morning to feel good?

10 – Make it a point of honor to do useful things

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to check your To-Do List.

The morning is not the time for that. The morning is a time for oneself to awaken one’s body, mind, and heart to sweetness. It is a parenthesis between the night and the coming day.

No need to spend hours there. Just a few minutes.

What to do in the morning when you wake up? One rule to follow: do nothing useful. Only do things that feed us and make us feel good.

Remember: the goal in the morning is to slam the door to start our day in the best way!

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