10 Bad Habits You Must Eliminate from Your Daily Routine

  1. Do nothing until you are sure you can do it.

Most writers spend countless hours building their characters and stories; writing many pages they know won’t end up in their book because they know that ideas need time to develop. We freeze up when it’s time to get to work because we know that our ideas are not perfect and that what we produce may not be worth anything. But how can we produce something great if we don’t get to work and allow our ideas to mature? Jodi Picoult summed up the dangers of perfectionism perfectly: “You can correct a bad page, not an empty page.

  1. Comparing ourselves to others

When you derive pleasure and satisfaction from the comparison you make with others, you are no longer in control of your happiness. If you are proud of what you have done, don’t let the opinion or success of others take that satisfaction away from you. If you can’t ignore what others think of you, always take their opinions with a grain of salt. That way, you will build your own self-esteem. It doesn’t matter what people think of you; one thing is certain: you are never as good or as bad as what they say.

To sum up

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