10 Bad Habits You Must Eliminate from Your Daily Routine

  1. Consulting your phone during a conversation

Nothing is more irritating to your callers than to see you reading a text message in the middle of a conversation, or even taking a quick look at your phone. When you engage in a conversation, give it your full attention. You’ll find that discussions are more enjoyable and effective when you get involved.

  1. Receiving too many notifications

They are a productivity nightmare. Studies have shown that jumping on your phone and email as soon as the alert sounds reduce your productivity. Receiving a notification every time a message arrives may make you feel productive, but it’s a red herring. Instead of working to the rhythm of your notifications, group all your emails/SMS and consult them in pre-defined time slots (e.g. answer them once an hour). Tests have shown that this method works.

  1. Saying “yes” when you should say “no

Research at the University of California, San Francisco shows that the harder it is to say no, the more likely you are to feel stressed, burnout, or even depressed. Each of these symptoms is detrimental to self-control. Saying no is a major challenge for many people. It’s a strong word, but you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. When it’s appropriate, people with emotional intelligence avoid phrases such as “I don’t think I can”. Saying no to something is a sign of respect for your present commitments and because it gives you the opportunity to honor them properly. Remember that saying no is an act of self-control that increases your future mastery by avoiding the negative effects of over-commitment.

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